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Our story

Hello ,
I’m Mihir (Founder of Netadroit) (Click Here to Know more about Me )

I started working as a FreeLancer in the Field of Digital Marketing while working over the Past few Years, I Realized Business Owner like yourself work very hard Everyday & are continuously Looking for best Solution which can help them to Grow your Business, Manage/ Organise your business in a better way to make everyday task Easy or Automate them like Generate New Leads, Follow ups, accounting etc..

I bet you must have tried many software that say they will make your life easy solve your Problems & you must have tried them spend your hard earned Money & Time and most time we end up where we started that is searching for the solution for the same Problem.

So after talking to many business owners & understanding their Problems & showing them with how Technology can help Solve their problem if you have proper knowledge, Skills, Tools & experience to execute it.

Secrets Facts:

  1. Technology is a leverage if you know how to use it to Grow Your Business. 
  2. You cannot be an expert in a Day Watching a video How to do it on youtube. (more than 85 % business owner Try it you end up loosing Money & Valuable Time )
  3. We can Help you !! How ??

The answer to your Question.
Netadroit Technology Driving Business Solution

Why We?
We are Very Passionate About Technology Marketing & How It has Changed the way we look at Business Today.We Started Netadroit with a Vision Help Business Owners Like yourself To Make Profits and enjoy the Best of Technology Has to Offer without the Stress of Learning New Software, spending lots of Money for Software & Time watching videos of how to do it & after Doing so much ending up with where you started the quest for finding a Solution for your Problem. Leave all that to us We Love doing it for yourself and we can do it for you too.

Just Follow the 4 Simple Steps

Step 1: Call us
Step 2: Join us For a Tea / Coffee where We discuss you Problem
Step 3: Netadroit Offer Multiple Solution
Step 4: Choose the Solution that best for your Business & within your budget & we will Also help you Implement it for your Business. HAPPY NOW 🙂

Netadorit Technology Driving Business Solution Stared with a vision to help Business Owner such as you and many others who are not That Tech savvy but wanted to use the Technology as a Leverage to Grow their Business.

We Can Help You Utilize the Latest Technology as a Leverage for your Business to Grow without the stress of Spending lots of Money & Time For buying & Learning new Software, Try & Error.

We have all the Rights Tools, Skills & Years of Experience to Guide you & Make Things happen for your business that you have Dreamed & Plan over the Years.

Our Vision

What We Can Do  For You.

We can help you Make a Powerful online presence with our Website Designing Service, Automate your Everyday Business Tasks like Lead Generation, Lead Management organizing your Business and Design a System for your Business.

We can help you with the Time to Time Coming Problems with our Consultation Services

We can help you Promote | Advertise | Market your business in a more Effective way to get the best out of your Marketing Efforts and Money

We have all the right tools, let us Help You

Netadroit Digital Marketing CoffeeJoin us For a Coffee & Enjoy a Hot cup of Coffee or Tea with us While We Solve Your Business Problems.

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How We Work

Small Team Working on your Business Problems With You As a Part of our team to get the Desired Results.

We Discuss your Business problems & understand your Business Golas and what you want to achieve in how much time frame & your budget we will offer Multiple Solution for your Problem and show you all the Pro and corns related to every Solution the time Required to Implement it, how much budget is required so you get the complete Picture of what are we going to do.

when you choose a Solution that’s best for the business problem that helps achieve your Business Goal a Team of Experts start working on your business Problems with you as a Part of our Team to get the Desired Results that you wanted.

Our Team

Our people are our greatest asset and biggest differentiator. They are passionate about results, and also believe in having a lot of fun along the way.They are the Best at what they Do &
We Belive in Results.

Founder of Netadroit

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